Dean Gunnarson

Dean Gunnarson, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

Dean Gunnarson was chained, locked and handcuffed in a spread-eagle position to the roof of an SUV and driven through an automatic car wash today.
Gunnarson escaped while brushes tore at his unprotected flesh, lathered with soap and doused with hot wax.
Gunnarson’s attempt comes on the 25th anniversary of his near-death experience while trying to escape from a wooden coffin that was nailed shut and wrapped in chains and then lowered into the icy Red River.

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Here’s the photo that was on the front of the Free Press website… there are more with the story too.

UPDATE (081031 11:30PMish): I was waiting for a video that another Free Press photographer shot to be uploaded to the newspapers website, but became impatient and made a slideshow of eleven images from the shoot.

UPDATE (081101): The video was posted this morning….