Bomber Report

A little late to get this out there, but I got to shoot my first Bomber Report video this week during the last practice of the regular season. Usually shooting the Bomber practice involves a lot of looking for the handful of players the reporter thinks might make it into the story and trying to get still images of them. Video is not shot during most practices.

If I have time (ie. no other assignments to rush off to immediately) I take my time and can spend most of the practice trying to get a good shot.

On Friday when I shot this video I had to go from the Dough Barry press conference to the field to get stills of a couple of players then off to do the post practice player interviews with the video camera and then the Bomber Report stuff with Ed Tait and Tyler Walsh.

Normally the assignment is a no stress job, but on Friday it felt like everything could go wrong any minute. The players were not really practicing so not much action was going on. Thank goodness one of the players, Alexandre Gauthier, brought his daughter onto the field in her Halloween costume. That made the Sports front. Other than that there was not much to shoot.

Then, when we did the Bomber Report I was convinced that the exposure compensation I made was too much. The sun was directly behind our commentators and I had to lighten the image so that they didn’t have too much shadow on their faces.

Even though Tyler assured me that everything was fine I was still nervous.