Bob Dylan concert

Bob Dylan concert, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

I forgot that Dylan doesn’t interact with the crowd, though it was my third concert of his I’ve been to.

The top three songs he played tonight would have to be All Along The Watchtower, Like A Rolling Stone, and Blind Willie McTell. Like the reviewer for our paper said Blind Willie McTell was

haunting and defiantly modern, perhaps the most immersive tune of the night.

I was a lot further back from the stage than I thought I would be… 16th row on the floor. I wanted to get closer to try to get a better photo of Dylan, but security was more intense than I would have thought. At one point mid-concert our row was asked to show our tickets…

It was a fun concert even though my better half almost couldn’t go because of a migraine just before the concert.

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