Tuition Freeze Rally

Tuition Freeze Rally, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

I was sent to a rally at the legislator today.

I didn’t have much info prior to getting there, it turned out to be about the tuition freeze.

Here’s what our website posted,

University and college students will be rallying on campuses and then gathering at the Legislature today to urge the Doer government to reinstate the tuition freeze.

Still not a lot of info…

Lots of students, lots of noise. Some of the students got into the Legislature building and occupied the Black Star Chamber which stretched the security a little thin. They called in the cops, so I had to stay to see if anything happened.

After about an hour and a half the University of Manitoba Student Union president showed up and told everyone that he had talked to security and made arrangements so that the protesters could stay.

They just had to sign in at the front desk like all visitors are supposed to… and that was that.

Crisis averted. I could leave.

Watch for a small slideshow later of the photos that I took.

UPDATE (081105 6:30PM): A new story has be posted to the Free Press website…

and the photo that was posted on the front of the site.

UPDATE (081106): The video I shot was posted this morning at the Free Press website.