Snow Bowl

Snow Bowl, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

Around 200 other volunteers shovel snow Friday night at the CanadInns Stadium the night before the big playoff game with the Edmonton Eskimos.

More later.

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UPDATE (081107 11:00pm): I was sent to get a photo of Winnipeg Blue Bombers president and CEO Lyle Bauer shoveling snow with a couple hundred volunteers at the CanadInns Stadium the night before the playoff game against the Edmonton Eskimos. Mr. Bauer got caught in traffic and I had to stand around for about 45mins which wasn’t so bad, though it was chilly out.

I watched as the last of the sunlight slipped away and was really happy they turned on the big lights. While I waited I got a photo of a bunch of the volunteers picking up some shovels. They arranged to have around 250 of them on hand just in case.

UPDATE (081108 2:25pm): To get the photo of Lyle Bauer I wanted to have it look like he was shoveling snow right into the camera… after several attempts at tossing snow AROUND me I just told him to “throw it right at me, cover me with the snow!” Boy did he ever! With a big grin he just dumped snow on me. After a few of those I started to worry about my gear. I still had to go to the Manito Ahbee awards at the MTS Centre.

I decided to put together a slideshow of the whole photo shoot… many bad images here, but I think it’s an interesting bit of what we go through to get the photos for the newspaper.

For some reason the software I used to make the slideshow inserted a few white frames and a couple of jumpy spots… couldn’t figure out how that happened or how to fix it, so I apologize for that.

Here is the photo that ran on the front of the Free Press…