10,000 Villages

The store in the south end was so full I started to imagine/fantasize throwing people aside so I could get to the cash register. When I did get to the front of the line and all the stuff was rung through I discovered that I had left my wallet in the car.

I think my vision went a little pinkish red as I calmly gritted my teeth and made my way outside. Patiently watching the little old lady put the pottery nick-nack back on the shelf in the narrow isle. Rest assured I did not mutter and threaten to stuff her in a wicker basket.

After finally paying for everything I made my way to the girls. I felt I had to ask A if she had looked at the price of one of the gifts (which was going to be for Aa) and was in my opinion too expensive. No she had not looked and agreed, it was too expensive. I had to return it.

I’m not sure but I have a feeling the only thing that kept me from bursting into tears was the gingerbread cookie that I was given by one of the many volunteers. The cookie I had planned on giving to Aa. The cookie I stuffed almost whole into my mouth.

It was a good cookie.

We got the recipe.

It also didn’t seem as cold outside compared to when we first got there. And it felt like it should have been dark outside too (like when you come out of a matinee).

I was glad to be moving on, though I have a feeling I will be going back soon. They have some really good stuff.

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