A Walk Down Main Street in Vulcan, Alberta

My motel sits directly across from the Information Trek Station in Vulcan, Alberta where my dad grew up. We’re in town for the funeral of my grandmother who passed away at the age of 92.

Putting the sad stuff aside, I took the opportunity shortly after my arrival to take a walk down Main Street.

First, I had to check out the “space ship.” It was closed which is too bad… but the outside of the white painted building was nicely lit by the late afternoon sun.

It looks like much of the town has picked up on the Star Trek tourism thing, for example the computer store called DND Computer is alternatively named Starfleet Engineering.

As well as this HUGE mural on the side of a drug store.

I remember as a youngster during my visits to Vulcan that the local newspaper, The Advocate, switched the logo on its masthead to a pointy ear (I think) and then to the Starship Enterprise. I might be getting the ear thing mixed up because you could actually purchase rubber Vulcan ears that fit over your own… had a lot of fun with those back in the day.

On Main Street The Advocate’s office was empty and a sign in the window said they had moved mid-November to a new location in town. I really liked the building they were in for its cool sign. Its seen better days though. I would hate to come face to face with the bird/squirrel that took the chunk out of the ‘e’.

Across the street is the Canadian Piano Museum. It was closed too… maybe it will be open before I leave. Who would have thought that such a museum would be located here.

Signs around town showing directions to important locations are very amusing. Love the way those green aliens are dancing.

On the way back to the motel I came across the Vulcan County building which had some important offices in it:

  • County Administration Offices
  • Literacy Programs & Adult Learning Center
  • Vulcan County Waste Authority

OK, so I was mildly amused with the sights, but was noticing a lack of activity on Main Street. Most of the stores were closed and only one cafe and the liquor store seemed to be open. There was also a thing going on in one of the churches (turns out it was a birthday party for someone my uncle knew). I stopped in at the liquor store and bought a four pack of Boddingtons Ale. I only mention this because when I went into the store the change in the quality of light threw me completely and I kind of felt like I was entering a cave… then a voice that I thought was coming from my left said, “good afternoon!” I looked left and there was just a bunch of liquor bottles on a shelf, so I was kinda startled and started to look back forth wondering what the hell. The thing is I kept walking the whole time (only a couple of steps) and was startled to realize the voice was coming from directly in front of me from the proprietor. I think I jumped a couple of inches and I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy. I got my beer and got out.

By this point I’m feeling like I’m in the twilight zone, THEN I see a fellow photographer from Winnipeg taking photos with a Hassy… what!? I did a double take and a few steps toward the fellow before I realized it wasn’t who I thought it was. But it WAS a guy with a Hassy taking photos. I didn’t introduce myself and just scurried back to my room.

What a weird day.