Three die in Scotia street fire

Last night a house fire at 108 Scotia claimed the life of two people. A third person is missing and may have also perished.

There is a wheelchair ramp at the front of the house and one of the victims was 96 yrs old.

Our night photog got pics of the fire, so my job was to get an aftermath shot and video.

I was fortunate in being on my toes and ready when a chief fire marshal made a very brief statement.

I didn’t get to spend much time at the scene as I had another assignment to get to. Two of our photogs called in sick.

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UPDATE (3:30pm): The video that I shot is up on the web now…

We also have a great relationship with Global TV here in Winnipeg and they will provide us with raw (and sometimes portions of newscasts) video from major stories. Our photographer was naturally shooting on deadline for the printed paper and couldn’t do both video and stills… it’s a great backup to our system. Here’s their video…

Update (5:00pm): This was the image on the front of the website…