The Mayors’ happy place in Winnipeg

Doing a story for the weekend on favorite places to go in the city and I find myself standing under the skating canopy at the Forks. Waiting for the Mayor.

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Update: Last week we spent a couple of days shooting some stills and video clips for this feature story that ran in Sunday’s paper. A special video player was put onto the website page…

The first assignment was to shoot the Mayor at his favorite place The Forks. I got there about 20 mins. early and was able to scout out the location and decide that the canopied skating rink would be the best place to shoot. There was a school that had a field trip to go skating at the Forks, so it was the natural choice to get good background imagery. I was hoping to have the mayor finish off the video by skating away with a bunch of the kids, but he kinda nixed the idea right away. Right after we did the video I shot the still and was only able to get off about six frames before all the kids left the rink to go indoors… that was the end of that assignment.

The next day we did the River Trail assignment and for some reason I thought we were going to meet at the Forks again, but luckily the reporter called to make sure I had the location right… oops. On the walk down to the river I almost slipped and fell on my butt. Caught myself and slid on my feet arms waving… I don’t think anyone noticed. I didn’t notice the Christmas tree on its side in the background until well afterward.

The bus one was shot on a bus, but there were too many issues with the audio and the fact that someone talked through half of the video in the background. I shot the outside one as a back-up. For some reason that one took about five or six takes… all the rest were done in one take each.