Free Laptops!

Free Laptops!, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

Sixteen students at R. B. Russell school are taking part in the Aboriginal Youth ICT Challenge. The Information and Communication Technology sector has a huge gap in the number of jobs available (34,000 per year) and the number of ICT graduates (about 8,000 per year).

So, the local ICT Association of Manitoba has started an Aboriginal Initiative that they hope will encourage Aboriginal youth to explore the ICT industry. Currently Aboriginal representation is below 2%.

At the end of the current school year the students will have finished the program and will be able to take the laptops home.
How cool is that!

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UPDATE: Naturally the editors chose the weakest photo I put into the system… (why I put it in I have no idea). The photo that should have been used is here… this kid is super happy and was so enthusiastic about the upcoming program. I hope that he is able to achieve his dream of making an RC car racing game. He had lots of positive energy, great kid.