652 Toronto house fire

652 Toronto house fire, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

A couple of blocks from home on my way into work this morning stopped to get this fire pic. Was the first media on scene I think. Had unconfirmed report that someone was taken to hospital.

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UPDATE: It looks like the fire has left a family of five homeless.

UPDATE: A little girl that lived at the house is hailed as a hero in today’s paper!

When I first got there I was fortunate enough to get into the back lane with permission from an official as long as I stayed out of the way. I walked between the house just south of the one on fire and the next one down. When I got to the back I was surprised to see over the fence that a huge ball of flame was coming out of the second story window. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to stay around for long so I quickly moved around the fence and got two frames off of the three firemen one of which was a district chief (white helmet) and a captain (red helmet) watching the flames. I think they had just pulled out of the house and were taking the hose away from the back door. I’m pretty sure that they had just decided to go from an offensive attack on the fire to a defensive protection of the other houses while the fire burnt itself down until they could get it an opportunity to get it under control.

I was right in thinking I wouldn’t be able to stay there for long, because a policeman quickly moved over to me and asked that I move back to the front where it would be safer. I had no problems with that… I had my photo.