WSO string ensemble

WSO string ensemble, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

Was at a school today that was taking part in the WSO Back to School
program. The Bach to School is an in-school program where ensemble groups of
the WSO perform and interact with students right in their own gymnasiums.
Each ensemble group shares two 35-minute presentations with various grade
levels of students inviting them to experience music from the Renaissance to
the current day. During these presentations, the musicians invite the
students to play the instruments, conduct the ensemble group, or clap along
to a familiar movie theme. At each presentation, the ensemble invites
students to ask questions about the group, their instruments or the music.

Only problem with the whole assignment was that I couldn’t take any photos
that included the face of any students… umm that sucks. While I was
waiting for things to get going I saw one of the walls in the gym. Couldn’t
figure it out but it looked kinda interesting.