Plane makes emergency landing

On my way back to the newspaper office to drop off a video from the Siloam Mission assignment I got a call from my editor to head straight to the airport where a plane was going to be landing without its landing gear.

I was just turning onto Selkirk Ave. at the time and was fortunate to be able to go all the way down to Route 90 without much traffic getting in my way.

I made it close to where I wanted to be and was pulling to a stop at an intersection when I saw the plane coming in. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot a sequence through the front window of the car. I felt bad at the time for not being twenty seconds faster in seeing the plane. I wish I could have been able to jump out of the car to shoot that.

Oh well… I still got the shots though.

I think that a fellow photographer at the paper got the better shot from a different location. Top one in this compilation.

I even managed to shoot a small bit of video before the battery went dead in my video camera…