Career Symposium

Career Symposium, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

Had to mingle with about 8000 high school students at the convention centre today. I think I sweated a few litres because I forgot to leave my parka in the car.
The reporter and I saw this display first, but left it till after we had walked around a bit. The other booth I took photos at was the Bison Transport one. I think we waited half an hour for kids that were articulate enough to get good quotes.

By the end I was very hot and I think you could see the steam rising off me when we stepped outside.

Funny because the next assignment I went to I had to stand outside in -36C temperatures for almost TWO hours.

I love my job. Seriously. No really, if it was -45C and 3 hours I would have been happy.

More latter

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