Kyle Unger

Kyle Unger (right) with his lawyer James Lockyer (left) outside the courthouse where he was making a new bail application pending a decision from the province on whether it wants to call a new trial. Kyle’s first-degree murder conviction for the brutal 1990 murder of Brigitte Grenier at an outdoor rock concert was quashed by the federal justice minister.

After the heat of the Convention Centre I had to move down the street to the Law Courts and found out that I just missed getting Kyle Unger going into the building by five minutes. About the amount of time it took me to drive around the block a few times before getting a parking spot. I should have just run down the street! It was only two blocks…

Ended up spending almost two hours standing outside with a few minutes of warmth in between the doors. It took forever before Kyle came out… we were told there were a few problems with the court papers that needed to be filled.

My job was to do the video which is generally easy as long as you don’t let the reporters get in your way. Towards the end of the scrum I managed to get off a few frames with my still camera. This is a big story and it is amazing we didn’t have very much art of Kyle Unger prior to this scrum. If I recall all we had was a screen grab from one of the TV stations… I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get a different angle than our still photographer. Now we have lots of art to use.

By the time got back into my car I was very chilled… not just on the verge of frostbite, but chilled to the bone kinda cold.