Scuba for Cancer a 24-hour underwater relay

Over 50 scuba divers from across Winnipeg gathered at the Elmwood Kildonans Pool Saturday for the First Annual Dive for the Cure Underwater Relay. In Manitoba’s first 24-hour underwater relay organized by 3 Fathoms Scuba the goal was to raise around $20,000 for CancerCare Manitoba. The effort has already exceeded the goal and is now over $27,000 with more money pouring in.

I have to say that I didn’t think this would be a very “fun” assignment, photographically speaking as I don’t have an underwater camera. I was thinking what am I gonna take a photo of? The diver going under the water?

Boy was I wrong. There was a guy by the name of Jason Herlick who had an underwater housing for his digital rebel and he offered to take my CF card and shoot a bunch of photos for me… (if only he offered to loan me the camera… sigh).

While I waited for him to do his thing I decided to crawl around on the deck with my cellphone and try to get something… I couldn’t just stand there and watch him have all the fun!

Before I knew it one of the veteran divers was down on his hands and knees with me trying to figure out how we could get my phone below the water’s surface for a “better” photo. Fifteen minutes later with the judicious use of an underwater mask we got an image… and my phone only got a couple of drops of water on it. OK it’s not going to win any awards, but it was really fun to “get” the image.

Then of course I sat down and my eyes rested on my work camera… yeah you guessed it! I couldn’t just sit there! Only the first cm or two of the lens ended up underwater. No harm done!!! Those things get more water on them shooting the Blue Bomber games. FUN!!!

I wish I could post the photos that Jason took for us. I will try to link to them from the papers website.