Billion Dollar Agricultural Disaster?

Doug Chorney, president Keystone Agricultural Producers took a flight over South Western Manitoba to check on the condition of farming fields.

I learn something new every time I go on a small plane to take photos. This one was interesting in that I had never been in this particular plane. My favorite small plane so far is one that allows me to open a window in the front passenger seat so that I can shoot without the window getting in my way. Not so this time. Not only did I have to shoot through a window, but I had a wing sitting right there under my window! I had to twist in my seat and shoot through the window behind me! Yuk! What was the lesson I learned? Well, I sat with my seat belt on for half the flight until I got tired of the whole twisting, killing my back thing. Then I boldly undid the belt and said to my self “eff it. If I get tossed about from turbulence I will have to live with it.” I had no other choice as I felt I was getting nothing good the way I was forced to shoot. After that I started to get good stuff.

My assignment was to shoot photos of farmland with lots of standing water. The key photo would be of some poor bloke trying to drive a tractor around a field with lots of pools of water on it. No luck there, but I was able to get a few interesting shots with roads and trees that gave a sense of scale. Free Press story and another photo.

One of the other things I have learned already is that it doesn’t take much to get the airsickness feeling while you are taking photos. Normal practice now is to take a gravol before the flight. New practice now is to take the damn box of pills with me on the flight encase the flight goes longer than I thought. Also, double and triple check that I have my phone with me! Four hours up there and I forgot the phone in the car. Bah. On small planes cellphone reception is really good.

VIDEO: A look from the air at the flooding that has crippled many Manitoba producers.