Crackers the Three-Month-Old Lion-Tailed Macaque

At the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Crackers a lion-tailed Macaque was born on March 25th and was named after a house cat who lived in the Zoo office that passed away on the same day.

I usually love going to the zoo, animals are fun to photograph and strolling around watching kids watching the animals watching the kids is fun too. I was asked to photograph the crowds at the zoo in the middle of the day in the middle of the week for a story about how the zoo was not going to have free admission on Canada Day because of concerns of over crowding.

Well, if you have ever been to the zoo on a Wednesday around 2 p.m. you would be asking yourself why they would think there could be over crowding. No one was there. I swear I saw more zoo employees than visitors! Why were there no visitors?

Well, why would you go to the zoo when half of it is under construction?

When I realized that a) the zoo was mostly closed down (they even closed the newly opened Toucan Ridge for some reason just as I got in there!) and b) there were hardly any visitors I kinda got worried about being able to do my assignment in the time I had before I had to get to my next assignment.

My fail-safe is to ask a zoo employee if there are any new babies. Of course the first person I see is a zoo employee and I was told that the Macaque and Kangaroos had a baby. Off to the Monkey Cages!

I got a couple good tight shots of the little guy in the little time I had left, no people walked by while I was there… and that was it. But wait! What was his name, age, etc. Naturally this is when all the zoo employees decide to hide, so, I was left with going to the front gate to see if they could help me… no, they couldn’t answer my questions and they couldn’t call any zoo people on the radio (because they don’t like it). I wandered around getting frantic when I finally got someone to help.

The story about how Crackers got his name was worth it, but it didn’t make it into the story. Oh well. I do like the photo though.