The Monday Film Project

I have been thinking for some time now about getting back to my roots in photography. When I first got interested in all things photographic many years ago, I taught myself how to process B&W film in my bathroom, make prints on my own enlarger and bulk load my own film. I learned how to take photos on an old manual Pentax camera.

Back then the mechanical, hands on processing and shooting really were what got me interested in the art of photography. Now, even though I use a camera with manual settings, it doesn’t feel the same. I am obsessed with figuring out the fastest possible workflow to get photos back to the paper using any possible means. Often this involves my iPhone which is an amazing little piece of technology.

Last Monday I pulled out my old Nikon FM2 and popped a roll of HP5 in it. I walked around downtown Winnipeg and shot whatever caught my eye. My plan is to try to do this as much as possible, but I know that time is a major factor. It is in everything I do. I will likely shoot film and not process it myself. I will also use my iPhone to process the images digitally. I know this sounds odd, but the apps you can get nowadays are amazing and fun to use.

These two images were from that first roll and the plan is to head out every Monday and go nuts shooting film.

Thanks for looking