Monday Film Project: A cyclist, perspective and optometry

Just went and picked up roll number two from Don’s today. The light was amazing downtown, very harsh. Roll #3 will be interesting! I exposed for highlights hoping to get some dramatic images of pedestrians walking out from extreme darkness. Could have a bunch of super under-exposed images though. The anticipation is a great feeling, still have to finish the roll. I will be very happy if even just one or two of the shots work out.

Quite happy with my second roll. Switched from HP5 to XP2 which is a B&W c41 film. It can be processed in colour film processing machines. Less expensive and easier to get developed. I’m still pushing the 400 iso film to 800. I am really liking the grain!

Again I’m processing the images on my iPhone, because it is a lot of fun to do. My favorite in this bunch is the main pic of the cyclist.


The angles of shadows in the second one are interesting to me, I may have been a little slow on the shutter as I think the pedestrian my be too far away.

The last one was shot from the hip, not the best framing, but the elements are fun.